All You Need To Know About Trump's Fraud Trial: What happened in court?

All You Need To Know About Trump's Fraud Trial: What happened in court?

Who has not heard about the latest lawsuit against the former president Trump's Fraud Trial, right? The recent feud had caught the attention from all over the globe. The judge who was presiding took a stance against the defence team owing to their persistent repetition in the state of arguments. Well, the mess was huge and kept grabbing the attention of the media and all political enthusiasts. and justice arthur f. engoron. 

The fraudulent activities that are said to have occurred during Trump’s reign caught the great attention and fuss in the public. If you somehow missed the whole feud updates then worry not! Because today, we have come with all the coverage about the situation. So, let’s dig in and find out more about the event.

Background check

Although Trump has always managed to make it to the headlines for this and those reasons. This time was different. This time the former president was being questioned based on the allegations of causing fraud and misconduct. Donald Trump, during his presidency duration, had been causing the events against the public welfare. Plaintiffs called out the whole previous government which included Trump himself along with the other legal experts. The claims were made that Trump engaged in such activities that resulted in fraud related to his business dealings, tax matters and many other official matters.

But what does the judge have to do about it?

Trump's Fraud Trial


Interesting question. What is the fuss involving the judge? Well, when the court is dealing with a high-profile case, the role of the judge becomes crucial. Now it makes sense, right? It is important to ensure that the lawsuit remains pure and free from any sort of power abuse. The judgement should be fairly made irrespective of the profile of the parties involved. Thus, judges are responsible for maintaining this balance of the law. Successful justice should be served rightly keeping all the legal processes in mind.

Then what happened during the hearing?

Something interesting! Yep, during the hearing process of the case, it was noticed that the judge was not too happy with everything going on in the court. The judge had openly given a good scold to the defence team for presenting the same arguments over and over again. Basically, they failed to provide the sufficient evidence or even the legal reasoning.

However, this chiding thing is not too uncommon when it comes to court scenes. The judge often tells the teams to maintain the integrity of the trial and maintain efficient judgment.

This ‘chiding’ by the judge has many purposes. First is of course the need to maintain the inner decorum of the courtroom and bring out the new and relevant arguments related to the case. Both the prosecution and defence are to maintain decency and adhere to the rules and guidelines of the law. This way, the process can be conducted smoothly and thus, justice cane be served. The repetition of the same arguments over and over can again lead to time wastage. Which eventually might result in hindering the courtroom processes.


Another reason for the ‘chiding’ that we are talking about is the need to maintain professionalism. Respecting the court and law is the foremost rule for the parties. When the legal cases are under process, especially when they involve a high-profile individual, then this need for ‘professionalism’ becomes even more important.

What did the defence have to say?

Well, of course, no one does anything without any specific reasons, right? It is suspected that the repetition done by the defective party may have some hidden strategies behind it. During such situations, the parties often end up believing that putting the pressure on same arguments can eventually lead to strengthening their case. But then, what does the judge’s scolding say about it? it seems that the judge may have suggested that pressuring over or hammering the same argument may even cause the backfire to the team! Yep, not a good time and place to be causing a fuss, right?

Even though, both the parties have well preserved rights to present whatever arguments they have in any manner. But still, better behave than getting fined!


What happened then?

Yes, now we know what happened inside the courtroom. But what impact did it make? The defence team still needs lots of evidence to bring the ball to their side. The repletion might not help them and since the judge has given them a good dose of chiding, they better be ready to set up their game and know about the justice arthur f. engoron. 

Additionally, it gives out a message to all the other parties involved in the legal matters that justice can be served only when the efficient trial process has taken place. So basically, the whole incident served as a reminder to everyone out there that nothing goes beyond the legal standards and courtroom decorum!

Sonali Tomar

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