Know More About Kevin McCarthy has been ousted as speaker of the House

Know More About Kevin McCarthy has been ousted as speaker of the House

Behold all the citizens! Well, now that we have your attention then let’s put on our glasses and discuss some politics.

If you are a responsible citizen who keeps up with all the political drama then you are in for a treat with us. because today, we have an article specially made to discuss the recent outburst into the world of politics. You too, like us must be following the recent political happenings. And if it is a yes, then Kevin McCarthy would be our today's guy.

The name we all have been hearing a lot these days. Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House. He had made headlines all over the news with his recent ousting. If you are also wondering, “Now what? What is going to happen? How is the system going to work?” Then here it is.

Kevin McCarthy


The world of politics is always ready with the plan B. And it is America my friend, there is solution of each and everything. So, if you are up for some political gossips. Then get your popcorns and grab a seat. Because the matter is going to hot!

What is the fuss all about?

Let’s start from the very beginning and understand some basics. What exactly does ‘Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore’ mean?

  1. 1. Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore which also goes as TSPT is just a fancy title which is given to the member of the House of Representatives. Who temporarily takes the role of speaker of the house in case of the absentee of the elected speaker. think of them as a backup of a play in case the main lead gets sick or ducks out at the last moment.

And these Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore come from the majority party. Same as the Speaker of the House is elected. Although, they are not elected the way a speaker is elected. they are appointed by the Speaker and with the majority of votes, they become the Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore.

Now, why do they matter?

  1. These Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore are actually very important in the system. they plan a crucial role in maintain and ensuring the functioning of the system. In such cases when the actual speaker is unable to perform their duties, these Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore come in action. So, in simple words, they are important in order to keep the legislative system running!

Kevin McCarthy's Historic Ousting

Alright then, basics are done. Now let us step up and recall the historic moment of Kevin McCarthy’s ousting. In case you did not hear about it, let’s get you all posted.

Kevin McCarthy held one of the most prestigious positions in the House. but the recent and most shocking turn of events caused a huge drama! the vote of no confidence actually was the real reason behind the ousting of Kevin McCarthy. we must say, the drama was whole spice to catch up on!

The whole moment was historic and breathtaking. such event was never observed in the history of America that even the Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore was not safe!

So, now what is next?

Hold your horses! We are coming to all the details. Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore i.e. Kevin McCarthy’s departure from the whole scene caused a great fuss. But the House still remained without Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore. Now they needed a new leader and yes, they needed it fast! It is interesting to know that the new Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore has been chosen already! Yep, now that’s fast, isn’t it?! The newest appointed is Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry of North Carolina. He is all set to get the system back on it’s feet and get all the members working well yet again.

Let us all take a good look at what all our new Temporary Speaker Pro Tempore going to do.

  1. Maintain the system and place order

The very first task for him to maintain the order inside the House. The tenson has been running high and it will take a lot to settle the fire.

  1. Preside the legislation

The pending tasks of legislation will now come in action. Finally!

  1. Keeping the boat afloat

Now that the House has found new mentor, let us hope that he keeps the boat from sinking in the absence of and elected Speaker.

  1. Bridge the issues

Meanwhile, lot had happened in the House. Many issues were caused and the whole set of members was divided into two teams. New TSPT is responsible to fill in these bridges and get back into decision making actions.

These are just a few tasks that we see from outside the House. There must be many other challenges which the new TSPT will have to work on!

We wish him all the best.

Sonali Tomar

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