Trump Considering Attending Gop Speaker Forum The Next Week

Trump Considering Attending Gop Speaker Forum The Next Week

The previous President of America, Donald Trump is planning to attend GOP speaker forum the next week. But nothing is final and there can be changes and he might not attend the GOP speaker forum. The speaker candidate forum is going to take place on 10 October, the next week on Tuesday. The candidates would make a pitch as to why they should be elected instead of others. Trump is only attending the forum and not going to pitch for the speaker’s position. Kevin McCarthy was the previous leader and now there has to be another one in her place. He lost the leadership by votes from his own party and some minority representatives. Matt Gaetz put forward a bill in the House for removing McCarthy. The bill also stopped government shutdown. McCarthy has said that he would not stand for the speaker’s position anymore. This is the first time in the USA history that a speaker is removed like that. Temporarily, Patrick McHenry is the speaker until the elections take place. Jim Jordan, R Ohio, and Steve Scalise have given their name for the elections. Scalise was working with Trump before. 218 votes are required to win the elections. Getting 218 votes is a huge task and getting the votes from far-right parties and minorities isn’t easy. So, if no one can get to the 218 votes level, then Trump would be the speaker.

Trump Considering Attending Gop Speaker


McCarthy is from the Republican Party. Strangely, people from this very party removed her. The ratio of voting for defeat was 216-210. 208 democrats along with 8 republicans voted him out. He believed in fighting and he did fight. Now, he said that he will fight in a new way. There is no permanent person for the speaker. What happened in the House for removing McCarthy was historic. He didn’t get the support of democrats. This is because he had introduced an impeachment investigation against Biden. And this gave them less time to introduce a bill for stopping government shutdown.

The meeting of the House on 10 October will decide the further speaker. Republicans have a majority as compared to democrats. The ratio of Republicans with Democrats is 221- 212. So, if democrats unite, it can be problematic for them.

If Trump attends the forum, then it would be his first appearance in the Capitol Hill. However, he had appeared there on 6 January 2021. There was a riot by his supporters. They had attacked the Capitol Hill. This had happened to reverse Trump’s defeat in the elections in the year 2020. Trump also wanted to reverse the result of defeat in the elections of 2020. He was also accused for the same. But he denied this. Jim Jordan was also a part of that group in support of Trump. Jordan is investigating as to who is the person behind accusing Trump for the crime.

Trump influences the GOP lawmakers’ actions. Some people in the Republican Party have given his name for GOP speaker- these are Troy Nehls and Marjorie Taylor Greene. However, she hadn’t voted to remove McCarthy. According to Greene, she would just vote for Trump in the elections. However, Trump has said that it was not something that he wanted like a priority. Nehls had received many members of Congress saying that they would support Trump and also give nomination speeches in his favor for being the speaker.

His priority is to be the President again and when it comes to who would be the speaker, he said that there are many other efficient people in the Republican Party who are capable of this position. He wants to be the President in the White House for 2024 elections. He is challenging Biden in the Presidential elections. He said that he can be the speaker for short-term. He can be the “unifier”. He wants to unify everything. He would do so if it gets difficult to decide upon the position and they do not get anybody in the long term. He can work for a short-term like 30 to 90 days. This is because he has many friends in the Congress. Republicans want a new leader like Trump to win the elections. Republicans are appreciative of Trump most of the time but whether they want to support him as a speaker also is yet to be considered. He is very much ahead of all the rivals in the elections.

For the previous voting for the speaker, Trump was also nominated. But he could secure only one vote. McCarthy came out as a winner. Actually, Trump had supported McCarthy and he became the winner after 15 rounds of voting. As per the House rules, non-members can stand for the elections for the speaker. Interestingly, all the 55 speakers in the past have been a member of the House.

There is another rule in the elections for the speaker that says that he or she cannot hold the position if accused for a crime that has an imprisonment of two years or more. Trump had some accusations of this sort- however he was not declared guilty. It is also being said that the rules can be changed and Trump can be elected without nominations.

According to Trump, Jim Jordan should win the election after McCarthy’s defeat. He said that Jordan is efficient in policies and international issues.

Trump is also not happy for why the Republicans are fighting among themselves and not concerned about Radical Democrats.

The speaker’s role and responsibilities are basically to run the Capitol, work with the lawmakers, and devise legislation actions. All these things Trump wasn’t interested in when he was the president. But people feel that he would be a good speaker for the House.

By Bhawna

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