Kelly Clarkson admits to using weight loss drug after shedding 60 pounds

Kelly Clarkson admits to using weight loss drug after shedding 60 pounds

Kelly Clarkson conceded she utilized a weight reduction medication to change her body.

While talking with Whoopi Goldberg, 68, about her new change with the assistance of the Kind II diabetes weight reduction drug Mounjaro, Clarkson conceded she's fiddled with one of her own.

"I've lost a great deal [of weight] too," she said on Monday's episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

"Mine is an unexpected one in comparison to individuals expect however I wound up doing that too in light of the fact that my blood work got so terrible."

While Clarkson, 42, denied utilizing the VIP most loved weight reduction drug, Ozempic, she didn't uncover the solution she's been taking.

"My primary care physician pursued me for quite a long time and I was like, 'No, I'm apprehensive about it. I as of now have thyroid issues,'" the "Since You've Been No more" songstress added.

Kelly Clarkson's Ozempic Weight Loss Journey 2024: Insights from a Health  Expert!

"Everyone believes it's Ozempic — it's not — it's something different, yet something supports helping separate the sugar. Clearly, my body doesn't get things done well."

Clarkson asserted she didn't understand how overweight she was until she begun losing some weight.

She watched a video of herself and addressing, "Who the f-k is that?"

"My heaviest, I was 203 [pounds] and I'm 5 [foot] 3 and a half [inches tall]," the mother of two added. "It's entertaining on the grounds that individuals accept, 'Gracious she probably been hopeless and discouraged or whatever,' and I was like, 'No, I was not.'"

Goldberg — who recently owned up to utilizing Mounjaro subsequent to weighing 300 pounds — concurred with Clarkson's explanation that their weight reduction venture occurred at a "continuous" pace.

While the "More grounded" vocalist hasn't affirmed how much weight she's lost, Additional television revealed she's down 60 pounds.

In November 2023, she was blamed for utilizing Ozempic to thin down after she shared a snap of her managed down figure via online entertainment.

Notwithstanding, the hitmaker attributed her prosperity to slim down and exercise, telling Individuals in January, "I dropped weight since I've been paying attention to my PCP — several years I didn't."

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"What's more, 90% of the time I'm great at it on the grounds that a protein diet is really great for me in any case. I'm a Texas young lady, so I like meat — sorry, vegans on the planet!"

The "American Icon" alum — who lives in New York City — assisted she additionally strolls around Manhattan and as often as possible participates in infrared saunas and cold dives.

That very month, Clarkson conceded she likewise got a pre-diabetes conclusion prior to getting more fit.


How much does Kelly Clarkson weigh now?

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: How Did She Drop 60 Pounds?

Presently she gives off an impression of being in the 120lb territory. Last year she has said she lost just 40lbs, yet it appears as though she might have dropped substantially more, as around 80lbs. Clarkson has denied she utilized a weight reduction medication to get slim.

What did Kelly Clarkson do to lose weight?

Kelly Clarkson dug into the particulars of her eating routine changes. "I began by removing weighty handled food varieties and zeroing in on entire, nutritious food sources. It wasn't just about eating less however eating right," she notes.

What weight loss medication is Kelly Clarkson taking?

Kelly Clarkson's pre-diabetes diagnosis drove her to lose weight

I as of now have thyroid issues. Everyone believes it's Ozempic, yet at the same it's not. It's something different." Clarkson made sense of how the medicine is "something that guides in aiding separate the sugar," taking note of how her body "doesn't get everything done as needs be."

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