A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Trousers

A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Trousers

Hello there fashion lovers! Fashion, a term with which everyone is aware of. But not everyone knows the true meaning of fashion.

 Fashion is not only dressing up in fashionable and trendy clothes. It is more about reflecting your personality through style. Fashion is the reflection of your culture and identity. It influences our lifestyle.

For many fashion lovers, it is a canvas. Which you then paint and curate with your sense of style. Fashion and tradition go hand in hand. Constant evolution has affected the fashion industry a lot! One style exists, and another comes. And then the same comes back. The styles and fashion keep on moving and changing. Different ages, different eras, different cultures. All of them had their own ways of style and fashion.

This article is specially brought to you to help you with your fashion needs. Here you will find tips on styling the pants or trousers according to your need and desires. We will specially focus on the need of women's trousers and how you can carry them according to your mood and occasion.

Without the further delay, let's begin and explore the world of women trousers and types of trouser styles.

What type of women's pants are in style?

7 Best Summer Pants for Women

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Fashion style and trends may have evolved over the years. But some styles are evergreen. They have remained popular since the beginning and with a few changes, they are still here. Rocking the fashion world.

  1. The high waist

 This is the evergreen pant style. They have been offering flattering fashion style to women. Even high waist pants come in many styles. Wide leg, straight, skinny and many more.

  1. Wide leg

With a touch of retro, wide leg is another trendy style in fashion. They offer total comfort and sophisticated look.

  1. Cropped trousers

These trousers are usually ankle length or above ankle length. They go well during the warm weather and help you flaunt your footwears too.

  1. Cargos

These trousers made a recent come back in different styles of pants. They offer a relaxed fir and access to many pockets.

  1. Flared trousers

These trousers straight take us back to the 70s style. Retro mixed with modern fashion. These trousers are fitted from the top and widens from the bottom.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Trousers Style

types of trousers styles

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If you wish to elevate your fashion game but don't know which different styles of pants to choose. Then follow our tips to find the right types of trousers styles for you.

  1. Body type: Every person is built different. Everyone’s body type is different from the other. Understand your body type and find the shape that fits your well.
  2. Fabric preference: As said before, every body type is different from the other. Not every fabric is suitable for everyone. Choose the fabric that fills the requirement of skin. Also ensure the quality of fabric. It should be a high-quality fabric that does not shrink or expands. Also keep the weather in mind while choosing the fabric.
  3. Understand the waist rise: Knowing the rise type is must. They can elevate or ruin your style and whole look. For some people, high rise fits the best whereas for others mid or low waist.
  4. Occasion: The purpose of right trouser should be served well. Keep the occasion in mind while choosing your type of trousers style.
  5. Your height: Just like your body type, the height is another physical factor that affects your trouser styles. Pay good attention to the length of the trouser you have picked for yourself. Too long trouser can make you look short. Find the fit according to your height.
  6. Versatility: Avoid spending your money on random buys. Instead try to shop those types of trousers styles which are versatile in nature. Trouser which can be styled in many ways are the best. Specially choose such colours that go with every top wear. Colours such as black, navy or khaki. Neutral shades are often versatile in nature.
  7. Try then buy: Always try the pair of trousers which you are considering buying. Walk in them. Sit in them and make sure that the trouser is comfortable for you. Make sure there are no bunching or sagginess.

What are gypsy pants called?

gypsy pants

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The famous term gypsy pants are actually used to define the kinds of trousers which lose fitted. To be more specific, they are the comfort zone for bottom wear. More like bohemian style pants. They look flowy and relaxed which ideal for the time when you need lot of access for air and movements. Some alternative names for these pants are-

  • Harem pants
  • Aladdin pants
  • Genie pants
  • Boho pants

Ensure that you do not use any term that can be offensive or any tribe or culture. It is important to be mindful of using technical names for the clothing items.

Let's conclude on the note that choosing the right types of trousers styles is not merely going clothe shopping. Be aware of your needs and do the mindful shopping. We often get influenced by influencers and mannequin from the showroom. But before your buy, stop, think and ask these questions. Do I really need it? Does this trouser fulfil my need? Will i wear it for at least three good seasons? It is worth this much.

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