Top 10 Music Festivals in the US in October: A Comprehensive Guide

Top 10 Music Festivals in the US in October: A Comprehensive Guide

What's up music lovers? If you love attending music festivals you are at the right place to know about it. In this article you will find the top 10 Music festivals in the United States in the month of October. This month , the United States is a perfect place to attend all the music festivals which might take place on the other side of the country. People enjoy the vibe there because of the soothing music. Given below are the top 10 music festivals in the US in October.

Austin city Limits Music Festival (ACL)

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The location of this event is quite understood by the name. But still it takes place in Austin , Texas. The duration of this event is two weekends in the start of the October month. In this music festival some biggest names in the music industry come all together to perform in the fest. The major line up of the event are rock, indie , electronic and more. Austin city limits music festivals and serves a great deal to a variety of the fans who come to attend it.

Voodoo Music + Arts Experiences

The location of this event is in New Orleans , Louisiana. It is a city which is known for its rich musical history. Voodoo music + arts experience fest puts a bright light to its legacy. In the month of October , the fest celebrates music, art and culture. The major line up of the event consist of alternative rock , hip-hop and more with a great blend of artists and music genres. The music in this fest plays to pay a tribute to the musical history. People there respect the one of a kind culture. New Orleans couldn’t be a better place to attend a music fest.

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Desert Daze

The location of this music festival is in Moreno Valley , California. Those people who love psychedelics and can be experimental with their ears, then you should definitely attend this musical event. This event is also held at the start of October. They have the courage to change the lineup to conventional music norms. In this festival you can get high by just listening to the music.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

The location of this event is in San Francisco, California. Hardly strictly bluegrass is one of the unique musical festivals which is held at golden gate park . In this event there is fusion of two music forms, Americana music and the second is folk. This is a free event to attend, that means anybody can attend. Every age group can enjoy this event.

Suwannee Hulaween

The location of this event is in live oak , Florida. This event takes place at the end of the month October. This offers a unique Halloween themed musical fest. This event is the perfect blend for jam bands , funk , electric music and more. In the fest, people who attend the musical fest can take part in the costume contest.

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Rio fest

The location of the event is in Chicago, Illinois. The Rio fest is held around the time of mid October. Rio fest promises us enough fun to enjoy and live in the moment in the fest. Various music line ups are picked to maintain the diversity of fans. In the fest , there are rides and games besides music.

Escape Halloween

The location of the event is in San Bernardino , California. For all the EDM freaks the escape Halloween is the musical fest to beat. The event is held at the end of the month October. This fest is somehow similar from the above mentioned fest but there is a slight change. Escape halloween is a Halloween themed land. The US best DJ comes here to play the famous gigs.

Day N Vegas

The location of this musical fest is in Las Vegas , Nevada. You can enjoy this event by grooving with each beat of the music or the electric guitar tune. You just have to vibe. This event is also held at the end of the month October. The biggest celebrities come here to honour the event. The most amazing lineup of the event is filled with unforgettable music.


The location of this beautiful and lovable musical fest is Arrington, Virginia. This musical fest organises a one of a kind fission of rock, electronic disc music and folk music. Hulaween music fest occurs at the place named infinity down farms. This music fest must not be confused with the other fest mentioned earlier. This musical fest mainly focuses on showing art and culture.

Waking windows festival

The Waking windows festival takes place in an exotic location in Winooski, Vermont. In Vermont , people usually respect artists by heart. There is talent everywhere in Vermont. Last year, a few people also joined in the jamming. This event also takes place at the end of month , October. The lineup of the event depends upon the music genres. In Vermont , during the event people get the chance to showcase what talent they have.


To sum up everything in the end , all the music lovers can enjoy this treat of October in the United States . Music is the best way to heal a person. It is a stress buster.The top 10 musical fest in the month of October is mentioned above with the details of the location and the line up gigs. For more information you can individually search each event and check it out on the real website. You will enjoy the line ups from Austin city limits music festival. The mix of music genres from hulaween. You will enjoy the psychedelics in the voodoo music and art experiences. If you want to show your talent as well you will love the event which will happen in Vermont.

By: Chetali Pandey

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