Lindsay Lohan Gets Back Into Character as Parent Trap Twins for Late Night Sketch

Lindsay Lohan Gets Back Into Character as Parent Trap Twins for Late Night Sketch

Lindsay Lohan just gave recognition to her breakout film.

In another TikTok video with Jimmy Fallon distributed before her Monday appearance on The This evening Show, she honored her 1998 characters, Hallie and Annie from The Parent Trap.

Lohan, 37, is seen giving Fallon, 49, several Oreos behind the stage while she wears a glitzy bronze dress.

The Parent Trap (1998)

Fallon takes one of the treats as the camera slices to one more variant of Lohan. This subsequent Lohan tells Fallon in an English pronunciation, "At home, I eat them with peanut butter." Both her inflection and the line are gestures to her personality Annie's starting points in the film.

The subsequent Lohan is likewise seen wearing a "Camp Walden" one of a kind shirt and a white headband, the two of which reference Hallie and Annie's ensembles.

As Fallon keeps on looking befuddled, the primary Lohan takes out a container of peanut butter and adds that she likewise eats Oreos with the spread, referring to another of the characters' noteworthy characteristics.

With a treat in his grasp, Fallon madly answers, "Okay, so I'll see one of you out there."

This prompts the two Lohans to share a knowing look, as the main Lohan then dunks her own Oreo in peanut butter.

Lindsay Lohan Just Recreated an Iconic Parent Trap Moment on TikTok |  Glamour

"They're like… Twins!" read the TikTok inscription. Adjusting the scene when Hallie says, "You and I are like sisters," and Annie enthusiastically answers, "Hallie! We're like twins!"

In 2020, the cast rejoined to praise the film 22 years after the fact, with Lohan letting host Katie Couric know it like to switch between the jobs of Annie and Hallie. Individuals on set would treat her distinctively while she spruced up as one or the other twin, she said.

"I feel like individuals treated me diversely when I was Annie in light of the fact that Annie was such a ton more pleasant, and Hallie was somewhat similar to me," Lohan made sense of, adding that she didn't feel like she was working while at the same time making the film however depicting it as a "opportunity for growth."

The Parent Trap was the entertainer's big-screen debut. It follows twins who were isolated upon entering the world and each raised by one of their natural guardians. Toward the beginning of the film, the young ladies meet interestingly at day camp and devise an arrangement to unite their family back. They switch places prior to getting back trying to get their mom (Natasha Richardson) and father (Dennis Quaid) back together.

Coordinated by Nancy Meyers, the film likewise stars Elaine Hendrix and Lisa Ann Walter. It is accessible to stream on Disney+, close by the first 1961 film including Hayley Factories.

Lohan's new film, Irish Wish, will be delivered on Netflix on Walk 15.


Was Lindsay Lohan both the twins in Parent Trap?

In The Parent Trap (1998), Lindsay Lohan was cast as Annie, while her twin  sister, Mindy Lohan, was cast as Hallie. However, after the sword fighting  scene went wrong and Mindy was

In spite of a few famous tales, Lindsay Lohan never had a twin sister and involved a twofold for a portion of The Parent Trap scenes. The New York local featured as both Halle and Annie in the 1998 revamp of the film close by Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson.

Are there twins in The Parent Trap?

Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Parker and Annie James, eleven-year-old twin sisters who were isolated after birth. Following their folks' separation, they were raised independently without any information on one another's presence — until they meet at day camp by some coincidence.

Why were the twins separated in Parent Trap?

Two indistinguishable twin sisters, Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers, who were isolated upon entering the world because of their folks' separation are accidentally rejoined years after the fact at day camp. Together, they devise an arrangement to unite their folks back and accommodate their loved ones.

Why did Annie and Hallie's parents divorce?

They got a separation in light of the fact that nobody could concede they were off-base.

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