Met Gala is one of the biggest nights of Hollywood fashion industry. Stars walk on the red carpet dressed in various stylish attires. The biggest quality of the Met Gala is that the attires are very weird. It is a night to award the creativity of the stars. It was held in The metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Met Gala raises funds for The Costume Institute Gala. This year Met Gala was held with all the precautions against the Covid pandemic. It is undoubtedly one the most extravagant event of the fashion industry. This year the event was very memorable. The looks of the stars were very expressive. According to the theme, the major sub-themes were freedom and politics. The outfits were very lavish. The Met Gala has transformed from a fund-raising event to the most awaited event of fashion. Diamonds were very much popular this year. Celebrities carried diamond jewelry.


Old Hollywood tributes

\"900+Image courtesy: Pinterest

Many stars impersonated old Hollywood stars. The host of the event was Billie Eilish. Host Billie Eilish impersonated Marilyn Monroe. Emily Blunt came up with the character of Hedy Lamarr’s look from Zigfeld Girl. Yara Shahidi and Anok Yai both recreated Josephine Baker. Gemma Chan recreated iconic Anna May Wong’s dragon print gown. Kendall Jenner recreated Audrey Hepburn’s My Fair Lady. She could not recreate it well but was very close to it.

Intergalactic Fashion

\"MetImage courtesy: Pinterest

Lis Nas X came up with the intergalactic fashion. Grimes joined him with a Iris van Herpen dress and a sword. Iman wore a massive headpiece which was a hypnotizing gown. Lorde wore a bejeweled headpiece. Everything was very creative.

The Yeehaw Agenda

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This year, in Met Gala 2021, there was tribute paid to the Wild West. Leon Bridges was the cowboy on the carpet. J.Lo wore a chic and came up with a Yeehaw agenda. Kim Petras became a horse girl. So, the Yeehaw agenda was followed by some stars.


The theme \"Keke Image courtesy: Pinterest

This year’s Met Gala theme was very weird. It was too vague. Some people chose attires from American designers that creatively did not fit a unified theme. Some looks were inspired by anything that they considered “American”. Some stars carried red, blue, or white. And some people ignored the theme completely. It was, overall, not a good effort.


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Rihanna came late. When nobody saw her, everybody was speculating that may be she was unvaccinated. But there can’t be a Met Gala without Rihanna after all. But all was alright , everything was alright. She arrived on the red carpet.



\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\3204a0b3e1a3b851a89117780a8b4364.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Ell Emhoff looked stunning dressed in red at the Met Gala 2021. It was a comfortable dress. Her entry and attire at met gala 2021 was a milestone achieved by her. She wore a red mask also. She wore a long sleeved bodysuit (jumpsuit) with a glittering bag. She was shining a lot. She wore platform sneakers. Her designer for the met gala was Stella McCartney. She was comfortable.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\37412e1144c3cd481e5d30058048f88a.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

His look was very simple. It was an all-white attire, the designer was Haider Ackermann. Haider is a very renowned designer and one of the most sought-after designer in the world. The attire had a satin tuxedo jacket and he carried white sweats and converse shoes. Haider was inspired by the theme of the met gala and came up with this design. Haider said that America is a melting pot of uptown and downtown cultures, of music and sports and all of such energy combined together. Inspired by this energy, he came up with a fusion of street style and sleek fashion. He kept in mind the theme of the event.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\660e13fce5ffeb37d33fa1f2680f4aa2.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Kendall Jenner attended the met gala 2021 in Givenchy gown. It was taken from Andrey Hepburn’s dress in My Fair Lady. She proved why she is supermodel. She came without her boyfriend Davin Booker. She followed the theme of the met. She is 25-year old. She wore a choker necklace also. She styled herself in a mermaid –like silhouette. The dress was made with rhinestones. She carried her hair in a bun. Family members of Kendall Jenner were present at the party. 2019 was the last time when Kendall Jenner walked on the red carpet.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\067c9e106da73d6d3cdbafee3f5ee0a0.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Amanda made her debut at met gala this year 2021. She is a National youth poet laureate. She came on the red carpet wearing a custom Vera Wong dress that was inspired by Statue of Liberty. Her gown was gorgeous. There were more than 3000 individually hand-stitched crystals. She wore stilettos and carried her hair in a braid. She also placed crystals on her face. She also carried a book-shaped clutch designed by Edie Parker that was inspired by the book held by statue of liberty. It had the same text that is found at the statue’s base –“Give us your tired”. She is a Harvard alum. She is now a beauty ambassador. She made a 3-yr partnership with Estee Lauder.



\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\8d44a9b336c894f94df7b55491d5b458.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Pete Davidson wore a polished dress instead of suit. He experimented with fashion but it did not work out. He made his debut this year. His stylist was Britt Theodora. His dress represented Thom Brown’s (his designer) identity who is continuously breaking rules. It was a perfect rendering to American tailoring. Met gala 2021 was 2 days after 9/11 attacks in which Davidson’s father died.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\b71b5e17009752173a661f5807b6b4eb.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Ciara became the cheer leader on met gala 2021 with a jersey no. of his husband Russell Wilson. She wore a Dundas gown. Her dress had green and silver colors. She had a football-shaped clutch. She was proud of her husband Russell Wilson and she gave a tribute to him by wearing his jersey no. The gown was neon-green. Wilson’s super bowl ring was also in her hand. Ciara honored her husband Wilson in this way. She carried her hair back into a ponytail and had also carried a green eye shadow. She said that met gala 2021 was her 3rd met together. Fashion is a way of self-expression, Ciara believes.


Image courtesy: Pinterest

Shawn walked on the red carpet with his girlfriend Camila Cabello. He made his debut this year at met gala 2021. His designer was Michael Kors. Shawn wore an all- black with a black leather jacket showing his abs. He had a shirtless look. He had black shoes and a silver necklace, finger-rings and bracelet. Shawn is dating Camila for about two years. They share a wonderful relationship, so it was obvious that they step into the met gala 2021 together. Both made their debut as a pair at the prestigious event.

MARCUS SAMUELSSON \"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\427a1457bab0e0e62733461a559e6178.jpg\"Image courtesy : Pinterest

Marcus wore a bold-black- and- white suit with a waistcloth, and red hat. Dan Harlem was his designer. His dress was inspired by 80s fashion. It was the fusion of high fashion and hip-hop culture but not that good. It was an okay –okay dress. His dress symbolized his high passion for food. Marcus was born in Ethiopia. His love of food resonates with his love of fashion. There is a coming together of food and style in his clothing and life also. Some said his outfit was good but others did not like it. Marcus feels that to be stylish you need no rules. Keke Palmer roasted the food of met gala 2021 on social media but Marcus defended it by saying that Palmer’s plate was not the correct depiction of what the food was like at the night.



\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\c61b20487c6e368f00dc2b146acd6ce0.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Camila Cabello wore a purple crop top and skirt. She came with Shawn Mendes. Camila put up a video of her getting ready for met gala 2021. She has also shown how Shawn was getting ready for the event. And they were facetiming each other from different rooms. She had the makeup of smoky purple eyes. Their designer was Michael Kors. She was also making her debut to met gala along with Shawn. She was happy for this. After the met gala, Shawn took it to Instagram to express his happiness about the event.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\9e8dab2c6fcb73410c9ca09fb7193ab3.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

He wore a quilt. It was designed by Eli Russell Linnetz. He came with pop star Rihanna. He looked like a teddy bear. He wore a giant quilt from ERL’s spring collection 2022. The outfit of Rocky was followed by a lot of memes and people were making fun of his outfit. It was not appreciated. It was a casual look. It was fluffy and comfortable. There is a different story to the quilt worn by him. It was made by somebody’s great grandmother. In an Instagram post, it was revealed that it was designed by the great grandmother of a woman called Sarah.

Rihanna made met gala magical. Her appearance at met gala will be cherished. Rihanna is the star everybody looks out for. She was the last celebrity to come on the red carpet. She wore a Balenciaga overcoat and a hat designed by Stephen Jones Millinery. She had a custom look. It was resonating with the theme of the met gala 2021. Her stylist was Jahleel Weaver. She wore a ring by Thelma West Diamonds. Rihanna walked with a swag. She was joined by her boyfriend Rocky.

JENNIFER LOPEZ \"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\dd343b78375056d2f2305780b4f77a8f.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Jennifer Lopez was wearing a Ralph Lauren dress and faux fur wrap. She also carried a cowgirl hat and necklaces. She came with Ben Affleck. Both made their met gala debut. She wore a monochromatic brown ensemble. Both were wearing masks. Their moment at met gala was their first official red carpet appearance in almost two decades. Jennifer had a high octane look on the red carpet. She shared her pictures in the met outfit on Instagram as well. She wore metallic silver stilettos. She had a brown leather belt around her waist.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\bfe49c7ba23f0810e70ea7eb7cd37175.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Keke Palmer was the craziest on the met gala red carpet. She was fashionable. She was charismatic. Many memes were made on her. She was flamboyant. Palmer attended gala where she hosted Vogue’s livestream. She also showed the viewers how the food at the met looked like. She jokingly criticized the food at the met. Her designer was Sergio Hudson. She was glittering. Her look was inspired by Diana Ross. Keke hosted the show with comedian Ilana Glazer. They interviewed celebrities and designers.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\0f2e5f51dfc038bdd999d2f1ab79c267.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Teyana Taylor won a prize at the met. She wore a Harlem rose dipped in silver. Teyana said that silver is one of the most precious metal on the earth, it makes us calm. The designer of Teyana Taylor was Atelier Prabal Gurung. She wore a metallic gown. She is 30-years old. Previously, she had come to 2021 MTV Video Music Awards with Normani. Teyana said that she wanted to look like a museum piece. Silver was her gown and why she chose silver was because it has qualities like purity, clarity, and vision. It is very versatile and strong. Teyana joked about the vegan menu at the met. Teyana is the one among those who understood the theme of met gala 2021. She looked fierce. She was looking similar to Medusa.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\faee70a17c75989f6d5d10f28c931212.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

She made a debut at met gala this year. She was shining a lot. She wore a red gown designed by Christian Cowan. She wore a look representing her heritage. Her look was simple and chic. She was dressed like Naomi Osaka as Naomi also paid homage to the heritage at met gala 2021.

One panel of her dress represented the Black American flag while other represented Filipino flag. She was wearing deep crimson heels. She said that the two flags are what make her an “American girl “. She truly represented what it means to be American. She wore a wrist bracelet also.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\e5ddbc422eaade0dda1af03c1e159c0f.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Iman was dressed in all gold. She looked elegant. It was designed by Dolce and Gabbana and Harris Reed. Iman is a legendary supermodel. As we all know, the met gala is always filled with extravagant outfits. But all in all, Iman stole the show. She is an iconic supermodel. She wore a custom brocade bustier and trousers. All was golden. She was wearing Silhouette also. Her designer Reed is a fresh face in the American fashion industry. She was looking like a queen. Technically, Iman has now retired from the fashion industry, but in January, she talked at the Harper bazaar that since she is a Somali nomad, she is in a constant movement and not out of the fashion industry yet.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\d0a295f38c96b4c2b68e73e2d587d628.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Irina Shayk had small hair. She wore a stylish Moschino gown. She was looking graceful. The dress was floral. It was an exuberant look. She is 35-year old. She arrived in a sheer look at the met gala. It also appears that she cut her hair or she was wearing a wig. Her dress was matching with the theme this year. Hers was a floral rush. Lili Reinhart also came with a floral outfit like Irina. Irina’s dress was pleasant. She wore golden hued heels and no accessories at all. She had a bob hairstyle and a glossy makeup. Irina played with color at the event.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\94b2ff935335285782cae1ff16238094.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

She was looking very elegant as she was dressed in white, all- white. She wore a beautiful headpiece and it was the beat in her attire. She wore a custom Miu Miu frock. The characteristic feature of the attire was the crown or the headpiece that she was wearing. She was sparkling and shining. She wore a diamond bracelet, diamond ear-rings and silver clutch bag. Blunt’s look was retro. Blunt’s headpiece also had a few oversized pearls for a sweet, modern touch. Her outfit was in congruence with the theme of the night. She had impersonated Statue of Liberty.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\6f336dd1749eec9808b07c42b5c67f79.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Gigi Hadid had red hair. She had Prada gown, leather gloves. She was looking elegant. Gigi had transformed her hair into red. She was inspired by the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Her hairstylist was Esther Langham, who styled her hair into a thick ponytail. Her makeup artist was Erin Parsons. Gigi had smoky eyes, cat eye flicks and mascara. She had a show-stopping beauty look. She wore leather gloves. She came without her partner Zayn Malik. Last met gala that she attended was in 2016.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\Documents\\7292f0e13146d3fdc434f5c8b20cede7.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Kate Hudson showed her engagement ring at the met gala. She is 42-years old. She was dressed in pink. She had a baby pink clutch. “Think pink” were the vibes because of her makeup. Kate’s look was inspired by her pink outfit. Quinn Murphy was her makeup artist. She gave her a classic American look. Murphy prepped her skin with key soul care promise serum all over the face. Foundation was applied. Bronze, pink cranberry and dark brown eye shadow was applied. Rosy was applied onto the cheeks. Pink lipstick, pink nail paint was applied.


\"C:\\Users\\ANURAG\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\6c90bf1d4404cbc1a5b943738af14004.jpg\"Image courtesy: Pinterest

Kim wore an all-black outfit and the weird thing was that she had a black face also. This led to a lot of memes. She made a history by such an attire. Her 75-inch ponytail was not included. Kim herself posted memes about her gown and look. Her look rewrote the red carpet’s rules. She took fashion of met gala seriously. She had a wet-look raindrop gown. Her face couldn’t be seen at all. She wore a Balenciaga haute couture gown with matching mask. She had a black hoodie. The look was new and inventive. The costume was Halloween. She wore a sheer mesh cape. She wore long satin gloves.

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