The Masked Singer Season 10 Finale Recap: A Comprehensive Guide

The Masked Singer Season 10 Finale Recap: A Comprehensive Guide

Tonight, the WINNER of The Masked Singer will be crowned and receive the Golden Mask. Follow the performances and results on our live blog.

Nick Cannon is the host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger are on the judging panel.

The show begins with the four finalists singing a song by the group "What I Like About You" by The Romantics.


Observations: He is a friend of the committee. He thought the cow would lead them astray. He tried to change the way he danced and sang. The cow is a tribute to her beloved mother.

Performance: Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson – The cow is so good she could win. He is the complete package: dancer, singer and stage manager. And another AMAZING DANCER. HOLY COW calls the panel. The cow continues to hit Nick.  “It's already a dream come true,” Robin Ne-Yo suspects. Nicole suspects Usher. Ken suspects Usher. Jenny suspects Billy Porter. They know Cow is Ne-Yo, they don't mean it. Usher is a stupid assumption because he is about to perform on the biggest stage in the world: the Super Bowl, while Ne-Yo is on a losing streak and needs publicity.


Notes: I got the "Kling-Dong, leave it on" from the board. The deer means something to her because she has lost someone. She got a tattoo of a deer with flowers and says her costume is perfect for her. She connected with her inner goddess.

However, your writing is normal. I'm probably not primarily a musical artist. Even so, she dedicates herself to music. It is soft. Ken is very happy that he rang the bell. "You deserve it. Your best performance." Jenny suspects Ashley Tisdale. Nicole suspects Gina Rodriguez. Ken suspects Constance Wu. He is convinced that she is his dear friend. Is she really that pretty? Because she isn't everything. No, I think I understand it.

Queen of the Sea

The Masked Singer Season 10


Note: Fantasy is for her being strange and claustrophobic. This challenged her as an artist. She's the first wildcard to make it to the end in Masked Singer history

Performance: Rescue Me by Fontella Bass - Sea Queen is one of those celebrities whose voices are so recognizable that you wonder why he would try to hide who he is. She obviously she is Macy Gray. And even though she complains about the costume, she has competed in the British version before! She drops the mic to finish. Nicole suspects Macy Gray. Ken suspects Macy Gray.


Notes: She resembles your masked character. The singer's journey. She has had five number one songs. 

Performance: Drift Away by Dobie Gray – The song is reminiscent of the 1970s, when Donut became famous. “Play me a real guitar,” he shouts. ends with the dancers behind the jury. The audience chants "DONUT DONUT DONUT".


This The Masked Singer season 10 winner is a COW! Donut could appear on Fox and Friends tomorrow and cry about it.

Donut's final guess: Robin: Tom Jones. Robin says he likes Jenny's guesses. Good, because she's right. And Donut is... John Schneider. Nick says he and John are friends. John says it's a kind of theater. He has always considered himself a singer. Jenny says that when she finally paid attention to the clues, she did everything right. He thanks John emotionally. He says his wife died in February. Juan starts crying. He advises people to inform their loved ones. Sings "Hooked on a Feeling."

Who was the cow in season 10 of The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer season 10 dog was unmasked and revealed to be Ne-Yo. He has won three Grammy Awards and released nine studio albums. Ne-Yo also appeared in the films mentioned in his clue packages, including Red Tails, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and The Magician Live! Ne-Yo is also a proud father of seven.

Who else was revealed in the Season 10 finale of The Masked Singer?

Throughout the competition, Macy sang songs such as "Love Potion No. Nothing But of a good time. by Poison (Battle Royale) during the Group B final, "I Wanna Rock" and "Winter Wonderland" by Ella Fitzgerald during the Holiday Sing-A-Long. At the end of the season, she sang a moving version of Fontella Bass's "Rescue Me" in her final performance, placing fourth in the competition. All four contestants guessed Macy correctly and said her name while holding her hand.

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Who was unmasked on Masked Singer Season 10?

Masked Singer Season 10


Nicole Scherzinger said that Cow he had been fooling her all season, but after his last appearance she knew it was Ne-Yo. Ken Jeong said he was Usher while Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg chose Billy Porter. Thicke and Scherzinger were right because it was Ne-Yo

Who was the 4th person to be unmasked on The Masked Singer?

Snooker player Stephen Hendry Era introduced in the fourth episode of the series (Saturday 21 January) as the character Trash. After the character was placed in the final two, she was sent away, but not before taking off her mask to reveal her true identity.

Has anyone been unmasked on The Masked Singer?

Fans have already demonstrated the they were right that Tom Sandoval was exposed as a diver during the second week. “The opportunity to come here and perform behind a mask and not be judged, just based on my performance, was really amazing,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star said.

Are the celebrities really singing on The Masked Singer?

This means celebrities will speak during rehearsals it didn't change, so Plestis said they "whisper to their producers on stage so no one else can hear them." However, they still sing with their real voice.

Do they lip synch on The Masked Singer?

No font synchronization here! Lip! Stars cannot pre-record their performances, regardless of whether they have singing experience.

How many times has Jenny been right on The Masked Singer?

He has cleverly named six of the celebrities themselves dressed well all season, compared to five for Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger and just one for Ken Jeong.

Who was the most famous contestant on The Masked Singer?

Some of the most famous participants of The Masked Singer features legendary singer Gladys Knight, reality star Tamar Braxton, comedian and actor Ken Jeong, and NFL player Antonio Brown.

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