LAFMC Fashion Week: Los Angeles Fashion Week, 29 March

LAFMC Fashion Week: Los Angeles Fashion Week, 29 March

LAFMC Fashion Week is a VIP business live Fashion show/ TV making, this respected show features an energetic fashion and music knowledge and host's a fashion show with advanced and talented developing designers and special guest operators. LAFMC features a live viewer and is pre-recorded and visible on Vimeo, Amazon Fire TV and online flowing stages to 50, 000+ viewers at home.

This show is a help supporter for the Future4 Hope Foundation helping young people affected by depression and anxiety and normal fights. Ticket helps will benefit this help and together we can help make a variation. No repayments.

N4XT Knowledges, a best and worldwide hbs event company just developed LAFW, Los Angeles sign fashion event, creating unique, immersive, state of the art physical and digital skills.

Other details related to fashion show:

When and Where: Skyline Loft 224 East 11th Street #601 Los Angeles, CA 90015 United States

Date and time: Midweek, March 29 · 5:30 - 8:30pm PDT

Around this fashion show

NYFMC & LAFMC Fashion week fashion shows were a massive success.

You might be aware what to wear on ferry with the NYFMC live fashion week show if you have travelled regularly in yellow New York City Taxi cabs as they have been contained heavily on traveller tv screens in the past, NYFMC & LAFMC Fashion week shows were pre-recorded and open to thousands of viewers watching from home hoping to clasp a sight of the hottest new fashions from the east to the west coastline and designs from included self-governing rising designers.

These shows were fast walked full of entertaining and was a high value produced TV creation, what made FMC Fashion shows different is that their shows also highpoint amazing self-determining musical talents of all music types.

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The shows were directed and held by Londener Deshai Williams and included the following designers:

I FLY UNIVERSE by Andres Beil was excellent. This designer's collection was bold with daring colours that meant hot nights in Miami, the cloths sparkled like sunsets and the strips placed with block colours was the perfect balance.

FASSION BY DANA by Dana Acosta was very up-to-date and clean, Black and white cloths and worried cuts surely made a statement.

MARIE NOHR Great collection with the contrast of ease and charm, it was clear to see that Marie Nohr’s group can be worn totally anyplace, Day and evening wear, The silver tones and the black cloth choices really run well.

BE CORP, BOBBIECO DESIGNES BY EYE By Bobbie Colfeild was worried and high fashion runway streetwear, Bobbie matched patterns with earthtones, black and whites her collection included superb hoodies and a shorts group that was absolutely imaginary.

N-DEED By Oliver Fitzpatrick wowed us with his purple clean-cut suits for both male and female, this collection was most surely high fashion and very brave and bold,

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TAJ COTTAGE By Rachna Chandra had an amazing western and eastern feel with bright exciting colours and feels, Silver and Yellow were 2 colours paired on the runway that known life to this collection.

MOZZE DESIGNS By Jose Ortiz Was totally amazing high end fashion design bits that run down the runway easily, this collection had a great balance between soft and tense, designer worked great mixture tulle and fur, this was a great meeting.

JAY BRACE brought us back to the swinging 60’s with Lolly Dolly, Mini skirts, head scarfs and not to reference the clear liquid, this was a very well believed amazing advanced collection.

MISS CLEDGY By Wasimah Dorm shocked the runway with satin and primary colours, this collection was Diva Divinity all in one word. We loved the Bold Yellow Satin pieces and the fact this fashionable offer to women of all sizes.

DYNASTY GEORGE By Dynasty Casanova was very calm and this collection meant spring with beautiful floral plans and supportable fabrics.

GWEN HINE this collection was like a smell of fresh air, Gwen Hine is certainly in a path of her own mixture athletic design with high end dressmaking that limited bold colours with black and white intonations.

STUDIO CIRCA By Vincent Soliz was ground breaking and LA city wear, Studio Circe’s Artwork and Graphic print was sensitive and tense and unique. We loved the Red and Black solid settings with crushes of blue, green graphics.

BE.CO By Libia Pratti Had a Glam town wear feel, BE.CO shocked both NY and LA shows with royal golds and blacks and other vibrant colours, BE on behalf of “BE” Be you, Be the person you were meant to Be.

REBELS OF THE NEW AGE By Dylan Cohen & Adrianna Parra carried an unbelievable ray of change with their debut collection which contained amazing high end dressmaking parts. Edgy raw chains, big shoulders and stylishness are a few words that come to mind.

CAM GREENE3 By Cam Greene this young designer’s collection was a whole painting for artistic look. Each piece contained hand painted artwork by Cam himself leave-taking one piece unlike the other and unique. We loved the urban ethnic feel.

LIS’S DESIGNS By Melissa Breux was beautiful maintainable fashion with one piece in particular made totally out of white trash bags. Lis’s Design Collection was stylishness at its best and included light gold and maroon bits that stole the runway.

DAVID LOUIS KLEIN was edgy and real-world attire for the modern-day woman, this collection was stylish and contained vibrant colourful smooth dresses and a hot gold and black 2-piece pants and tube top which included extravagant fabric print.


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