Makeup Collection: Top Best Kylie Jenner Wizard Of Oz Lip Tint 2023

Makeup Collection: Top Best Kylie Jenner Wizard Of Oz Lip Tint 2023

Kylie Jenner, a name everyone is familiar with. The youngest of Kardashian-Jenner clan has been taking over the world. From the TV screen to everyone's heart, she is ruling everywhere! Building her cosmetic empire named 'Kylie Cosmetics'. Her journey throughout the years has been commendable.

Partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products. They together released the 'The Wizard of Oz' collection. The limited-edition collaboration included almost all the essential products in it.  Brush set to the new colour changing lip tint. Giving the classic timeless feel.

The collection actually depicts some of the favourite bits of Kylie herself from the movie. A perfect gift combo for all the beauty and makeup lovers.

Lover her or hate her. It is for sure that she has built a great empire for herself and her babies. Just like kylie jenner wizard of oz green lip gloss brought immense fame to her again. The other collections have been doing the same. The collection was inspired by her beloved movie. That is what most of her collections are about. Show casing something that she loves. The packaging based on theme is what attract the consumers even more.

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Let's dig deep and find what all you can get in the kylie Jenner wizard of oz makeup.

Matte lip paint

A perfect combination for the holiday lip. A pack of red, oink and nude options now available in kylie jenner wizard of oz lip tint is all that you need to save your day.

The Ruby slipper

Ruby slipper is a festive lip colour. The metallic lipstick will be just what will help you impart the sheens on your lips. Get your hands on Ruby slipper to get that desired gorgeous look!

Pressed powder palette for eye and face

kylie jenner wizard of oz lip tint consists of a face palette featuring 12 eyeshadows along with the blush and highlighter. The shades are eye catchy like blue, green and golden. If you were also looking for an everyday look palette, then your search ends here.

Transformative lip tint

kylie Jenner wizard of oz lip tint is the highlight of the whole collection. Once you apply it, the colour begins to transform and change. From the green to a really unique shade of pink! A perfect pink that suits every skin stone.

Brush set

However, nothing still beats the kylie Jenner lip tint wizard. But this is another beauty of kylie Jenner wizard of oz makeup collection. Featuring the emerald green brush set is just perfect for a rushing day. The brush set includes the brush case which makes the whole set even more handy.

Well, this is all that you can find in the kylie Jenner wizard of oz makeup collection. But it is all enough to get a good treat to all the makeup lovers!

What was Kylie Cosmetics originally called?

kylie jenner wizard of oz makeup


The American cosmetic company ruling by Kylie Jenner is the topmost beauty brand of all time. The company originally began as the lip tint selling company and was known as the KYLIE Lip Kits by Kylie Jenner. The former company remained alive from 2014-2016. But soon the name changed, and the industry became Kylie Cosmetic. Which now sells all the cosmetic and beauty products. It is basically the hub of all the fashion, makeup and beauty lovers. The company serves worldwide and thus, resulting in the great value that is increasing each day! Let's not forget the 2018 when Forbes declared the company's value as 800$ million! Which don't be surprised changed to 900$ million in March of 2019. Now that's what we call business!

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8 Tips for Applying Jenner Wizard of Oz Makeup

Got your hands on kylie jenner lip tint wizard? Well, we have got the whole guide to help you out!

  1. Prepping your skin should always be the first step no matter what and which makeup you are applying.
  2. Many of kylie Jenner wizard of oz makeup theme include lots of glitter. So, try using the glitter primer. Incorporate glitter in your other makeup products.
  3. Colour palette of kylie wizard of oz lip tint dupe is filled with variety. Use it for your eyes, cheeks and even lips!
  4. Eyeshadow application is made easy with the kylie wizard of oz lip tint dupe brush set. Having various brushes for all your makeup needs.
  5. Ruby red lips is the best choice to get the perfect look with your make up.
  6. Drama eyes can suit really well with your whole kylie jenner lip tint wizard look. So, try some winged liners and fake lashes to get the best out of your look.
  7. kylie Jenner wizard of oz lip tint is best if you are not in the ruby red lips mood. Try the transformative lip tint to get the unique pink on your lips.
  8. Lastly, do not forget to use the colour palette for making your cheeks blush!

How much is Kylie Jenner Wizard of Oz?

Kylie Jenner Wizard of Oz


The cost of each product range is different. They can vary and go from just 19$ to 55$.

  • Matte Lip Paint Set for $34.
  • Red Ruby for $19.
  • Eye & Face Pressed Powder Palette will be for $45.
  • Transformative Lip Tint is said to be $22.
  • Brush Set will cost you $55.

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