1950s Men's Outfits: How to Dress Like The 50s Male?

1950s Men's Outfits: How to Dress Like The 50s Male?

Who said fashion all about women?! Men's fashion can be just as interesting as the women's fashion. It is diverse and exciting! Only if you know the right sense of men's fashion.

So, hello there fashion freaks! You are into the delighted treat for men's fashion today. In this article we are going to take you back to the 50s! Yes! The 50s. And explore some exciting 1950s black men's fashion along with a little mid article surprise of black history fashion facts. We will also be focusing on the 1950s black mens fashion. So, let's gear up and get started!

How did men dress in the 50s and 60s?

1950s black mens fashion

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Whether it is an everyday wardrobe upgrade or the glamming up session for the special occasions. The fashion should be top notch. But fashion from 50s remains especially trendy and remarkable. And can still be seen affecting the today's modern fashion world.

The 1950s African American men's fashion was mostly known to be framed sharp. A well fitted tailored suit. Typically, wide from the shoulders and slim from the waits. Giving the V shaped silhouette. The 1950s fashion mens suits were meant to have only two or three buttoned. Ties were the most popular part of the 1950s black men's fashion.

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When the mid of 1960s started, the pants style had also taken a twist and turn. They were more fitted and narrower legged in the appearance. Often paired with the Chelsea boots. Which had the sleek design and elastics panels. They became the notable footwear trend in the 1950s black mens fashion. And of course, how can we forget about the hats! Gaining the massive popularity among men's fashion. Hats were adorned by men. But somehow by the end of 1960s, the flavour for hats were dropped off. And this is when, men began on the new journey of casual and relaxed fashion trends.

What clothing colours were popular in the 1950s?

The rise of fashion trends was high during 50s. 1950s black men's fashion kept on growing and growing. And brought in the huge number of changes. Specially with the arrival of new colours. The fashion was absolutely refreshed. Here are some of the most famous shades from the 50s. But before, some black history fashion facts for you.

African fashion has influenced the global fashion range! Dashikis and Kente cloth are the ones to have made their way into the world of contemporary fashion.

Grey: Obvious and expected shade. The grey shade was master for the suits. From charcoal to light grey. All variants of shades could be seen in 1950s African American men's fashion.

Navy blue: The iconic colour is still ruling the men's fashion. The timeless and classic shade of 50s is considered to be formal and sophisticated. Thus, the current presence is explained.

Black and brown: These two another classic shades are and will always be dominating the men's fashion. Especially in the formal wears

Beige and tan: Light shades like beige and tan were considered to be best for the summer fashion. However now replaced by pastels shades for summer.

5 Steps to Mastering the Art of Men's Fashion

1950s african american men's fashion

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Men's fashion can actually be more enjoyable than you thought. All you need is good understanding and sense of men's fashion. For the rest, we have made you a list of steps to master the art of 1950s fashion mens suits.

  1. Understand the style: The very first step to understand the need, desires and style of the particular man. Explore variety of styles and choose what fits your personality. It can be casual, urban, aesthetic or bohemian. However, make sure you remain comfortable with whatever you pick.
  2. Versatile wardrobe: Create such a wardrobe that not only fits your need and style but is also versatile in nature. Invest in the high-quality fabric. Find the essentials that fits well with your mood and occasion.
  3. The fitting: An important part of men's fashion. Make sure that style you have chosen fits well with your build. Get such a piece that enhances your appearance.
  4. Mix and match: It is always a good idea to sometimes mix and match. That is when the versatility of your clothes comes handy. Experiment with colours, patterns and styles.
  5. Stay updated: To follow the latest trends, keep yourself up to date with what's going on in the fashion world.

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The Impact of 1950s Men's Fashion on Pop Culture

The impact we mention is massive! This is time when the teenager culture came in light for the first time ever! The Rock'n'roll musicians brought quite a unique fashion trends in the world. The TV show named 'Mad Men' from the 1960s vastly influenced the 1950s black men's fashion. With their aesthetic and vintage styling. Since the Civil Rights Movements also came in light during this time, it also ended up hugely affecting men's fashion. The integration of different cultures was done and thus, birth to new fashion trends were given.

Hope the article inspired you to get some groove and indulge in the essence of 50s men’s fashion.

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