A Comprehensive List Of Celebrities With Their Own Cosmetics Brands - Top Celebrity Beauty Brands 2023

A Comprehensive List Of Celebrities With Their Own Cosmetics Brands - Top Celebrity Beauty Brands 2023

While some people think wearing makeup is an art, others believe it's a necessity. Some people use makeup to camouflage their faces, while others do it for fashion. top most useful Celebrity Beauty Brands.

There are many ways in which makeup affects people's lives. Choosing the right brand for your look requires caution. Various celebrities have created their own Celebrity Beauty Brands. since Rihanna launched her successful skincare and makeup brand Fenty in 2017. Even though most celebs work in this field to earn money. not all involved for financial gain. There are a few celebrities who are successful in creating their own brands. cosmetics are not an exception. Brands owned by celebrities are impeccable. and they use only the best products.

Below is a list of celebrities who have made their mark in both their career and makeup industry.

Kylie Jenner's New Classic Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets 2023

In September 2017, Rihanna launched her cosmetics line, Fenty Celebrity Beauty Brands. The brand is known to appeal to a wide range of skin tones and genders, especially with the Pro Filt\'R foundation. The original launch included 40 shades, but now includes 50.

The singer revolutionized cosmetics after she launched a line. foundations that includes 40 shades. Fenty makeup also offers concealers. highlighters, and brushes, besides to lipsticks and blushes. Rihanna intends to create a new brand under her. "Fenty Beauty" brand besides to her successful skincare line.

While Rihanna offered few details about her brand new "Fenty Skincare" collection. she said the line will be for men and women and she has been working on it for almost two years. Her company is a true industry pioneer. with women and people of all races and ethnicities represented. Image Courtesy Fenty Celebrity Beauty Brands

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna | Beauty for All – Fenty Beauty

Founded in 2016, Kylie Jenner\'s cosmetic line launched globally. The cosmetic brand has made its mark in such a short period of time and is now the leading makeup brand. There are three Kylie Lip Kits. a Kylighter, and Metals range. As well as eyeshadow. highlighter, and eyeliner. the brand offers a range of other products. Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics.

Jlo Beauty By Jennifer Lopez. The brand has released eight new products. including face gel, sheet masks, and eye creams. It is all about glow. The secret to her ageless appearance is good old fashioned olive oil. which is one of the main ingredients. Image Courtesy Jlo Beauty

Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories Makeup Kit

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga. was born in New York City on November 8, 1986. With her versatility in many areas of the entertainment industry. she is able to reinvent herself. Three new products released in 2019, including. Glam Attack, multi-use liquid eye shadow. RIP Lip Liners, and Le Riot Lip Glosses.

It is possible to use multipurpose products in many different situations. Lady Gaga uses Lip Liners. and Glam Attack shadows everywhere as lipsticks and eye shadows. By creating a positive community. she hopes to inspire bravery and nurture acceptance. Vegan and cruelty-free. the Gaga line of cosmetics is available worldwide. Cruelty-free and vegan' is the brand's caption on Instagram. Our love for animals and for you unrivaled.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush Review 2023

Selena Gomez has launched her own cosmetic brand called Rare Beauty. The beauty guru Nikkie Tutorials has reviewed her products . For people who enjoy looking natural, she specializes in natural makeup. for the best nail designs. One of the reasons for the brand\'s popularity is that its packaging designed to address motor issues. such as Lupus, as Selena Gomez has Lupus. Furthermore, the couple has confirmed that 100 million dollars will donated. mental health charities because Gomez serves as an advocate in this field. and executive producer of the hit TV show 13 Reasons. Why, which deals with mental health issues in teenage girls.

KKW By Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West makeup line rose to prominence within a short period. after it founded in 2008. These long-lasting products have creamy. pigmented formulas and rugged packaging. This feature in Trooper gives her a competitive edge.

It can transform you into a rock star, say tattoo enthusiasts. Kim Kardashian West Beauty recently introduced a new pro program. offering discounts and benefits to makeup designs. A great aspect of this program is that it fights for a good cause. every Pro sale means $5 donated to an animal charity, ensuring cruelty-free artistry. Mercy For Animals was our 2018 charity partner. Besides to being a vegan brand. Kim Kardashian West Beauty appeals to everyone who cares about animals.

Flower Beauty By Drew Berrymore
In 2013. the first Flower Beauty products were available only at Walmart. ranging from lip glosses to makeup brushes. In spite of being at a store known for cheap makeup. Flower is a affordable and high-quality product. This year's best of beauty award given to Flower. Glisten Up Highlighter Chubby Stick.

Even skin that is prone to oily shines in a subtle golden tone. Also to the Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir Primer ($16). Barrymore has described it as a cult product. Barrymore says the purple-hued primer sells. out a lot because it infused with pigments. Flowers partnered with Ulta in 2018, which helped the brand grow even more. Besides makeup products. her cruelty-free line includes accessories such as brushes and makeup bags. as well as fragrances.

Kora Organics By Miranda Kerr

Being one of the most famous models in the world. her move into skincare and beauty is not surprising. Victoria's Secret Angel Kerr became famous in 2007 as one of their models. from Adelaide. Kerr was the first Australian model for Victoria\'s Secret. Besides, she represented David Jones, Australia\'s largest department store. KORA Organics founded by Miranda Kerr in 2009. after studying nutrition and health psychology for 18 months at a university in Australia. All the products contain natural or organic ingredients. Kora still exists 10 years later and sold all over the world. It offers everything from face mists to toners. serums and lip tints to aromatherapy.

Victoria Beckham By Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham launched a beauty collection with David Beckham, the legendary football player, in 2019. The products of this company are aimed specifically at elite customers and are available only in high-end stores. Beckham launched the V-Sculpt line with a Japanese cosmetic brand.

It includes exclusive products aimed at highlighting and contouring. Victoria expanded her focus to beauty in the fall of 2016 by working with Estée Lauder. An additional collection was produced the following year after the first was a success. Sarah Creal was then a senior vice president at Estee Lauder at the time, when Victoria met her. As the two collaborated, they discovered a passion for clean, luxurious products and a common beauty philosophy. A streamlined collection of high-performance products was created in 2019 by the pair in partnership with Victoria Beckham Beauty. Images Courtesy Victoria Beckham Beauty

Wander Beauty By Linslay Ellingson

Divya Gugnani and Lindsay Ellingson, the co-founders of Wander Beauty, have made it easier to apply and use their products. In addition to winning multiple awards for their products, the co-founders have developed products that serve multiple purposes, so less time is spent on vanity. The two met at the opening of a salon in the Upper East Side of New York. They both had a passion for beauty and travel. By simplifying their makeup routine through its innovative products, its consumers are motivated to downsize their makeup bags. Model Ellingson began her career in fashion and beauty in Paris before starting Wander Beauty. Modeling gave her a practical understanding of how products work. By applying that information to her brand, it has become better.

For makeup enthusiasts on the go, the company creates portable, on-the-go makeup. In addition to the cleverly named Baggage Claim Eye Mask in two shades, the company also offers a wide selection of other products.

Goop Glow By Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow founded Goop in 2008 as an e-newsletter. Her business ventures since then include an online store, a podcast, a Netflix reality show, pop-up shows, and a magazine. Additionally, there has been some controversy. Additionally to selling a multitude of brands on its online store, Goop also sells its own beauty line. The products include face and eye creams, a serum, a face peel, and a roller for massaging the face. Goop offers insane beauty products as well as premium wellness products. Goop Glow is one of its most popular products. With an exfoliator for $125, you\'ll see results right away. That must explain why Jenner's looks so radiant all the time.

Honest Beauty By Jessica Alba

Honest Company wanted to redefine the makeup industry with a unique concept of responsible, eco-conscious living. The company changed the game with its non-toxic, natural products. The Healing Balm, which contains sunflower oil and shea butter, won the Allure Best of Beauty Award. Honest Company has introduced Honest Beauty, a line of skincare and makeup free from harsh chemicals. The company appears to be more than just a money-making scheme for a Hollywood star. Jessica Alba is concerned about a number of new products that contain toxic chemicals. Her company promotes a healthier lifestyle and encourages people to pay more attention to what they put on and into their bodies.

Josie Maran By Josie Maran

The Josie Maran line of cosmetics and hair serums gives you a completely new look that lasts. This is a 100% argan oil formula that is eco-friendly and organic. By using Nature\'s Blossoming products from Josie Maran, you\'ll enjoy youthful skin and hair. Skin care enthusiasts and makeup lovers alike will appreciate her cruelty-free products.
Iman Cosmetics By Iman

A Somalian fashion model, actress, and entrepreneur, Iman is well known in the fashion industry. In the past, she was a muse for designers like Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, and Yves Saint Laurent. She was married to David Bowie in 1992, and they had two daughters together. In order to cater to people of color, Iman Cosmetics was created.

In the cosmetic industry, brands don\'t have enough foundation shades to offer customers. In 1994, Iman Cosmetics was founded. Compared to larger brands with only three to four shades dedicated to darker skin tones, the brand offers sixteen shades of foundation. Although she offers more than just foundation, her line has a lot more to offer. There is almost everything you may need here. 

Lauren Conrad Beauty By Lauren Conrad Adding the title makeup mogul to her list of resume accomplishments was part of her 2020 announcement. Lauren Conrad announced on Instagram, "The @laurenconradbeauty collection has been years in the making, and now it\'s finally ready to show you." The entire collection is currently available for purchase: liquid highlighter, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, lip and cheek tint, and lip gloss. 

Florence By Millie Bobby Brown Despite keeping it a secret for two years, Brooklyn Brown announced her engagement to Florence on Instagram in August 2019.

There are dozens of products she offers including masks, face mists, brow gels, concealers, and face wash, all named after her great-grandmother. In addition to shimmering body glitter, she has recently introduced a new scent. Images Courtesy Florence There are still many cosmetics that have been launched by celebrities or they have collaborated with cosmetic brands. Here I have short listed some of the brands that are vegan, organic and harmless to our environment. By Rashmi Goel