A Comprehensive List Of Celebrities With Their Own Cosmetics Brands - Top Most Useful Items 2023

A Comprehensive List Of Celebrities With Their Own Cosmetics Brands - Top Most Useful Items 2023

A comprehensive list of celebrities with their own cosmetics brands - Top most useful items 2023

While some people think wearing makeup is an art, others believe it's a necessity. Some people use makeup solely to camouflage their faces, while others do it for fashion.

There are many ways in which makeup affects people's lives. Choosing the right brand for your look requires caution. Various celebrities have created their own beauty brands since Rihanna launched her successful skincare and makeup brand Fenty in 2017. Even though most celebs work in this field to earn money, not all are involved solely for financial gain. There are a few celebrities who are successful in creating their own brands. Similarly, cosmetics are not an exception. Brands owned by celebrities are impeccable, and they use only the best products.

Below is a list of celebrities who have made their mark in both their career and makeup industry.
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Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

In September 2017, Rihanna launched her cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. The brand is known to appeal to a wide range of skin tones and genders, especially with the Pro Filt\'R foundation. The original launch included 40 shades, but now includes 50.

The singer revolutionized cosmetics after she launched a line of foundations that includes 40 shades. Fenty makeup also offers concealers, highlighters, and brushes, in addition to lipsticks and blushes. Rihanna intends to create a new brand under her "Fenty Beauty" brand in addition to her successful skincare line.

While Rihanna offered few details about her brand new \"Fenty Skincare\" collection, she said the line will be for men and women and she has been working on it for almost two years. Her company is a true industry pioneer, with women and people of all races and ethnicities represented. Image Courtesy Fenty Beauty
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Kylie Cosmetics By Kylie Jenner

Founded in 2016, Kylie Jenner\'s cosmetic line was launched globally. The cosmetic brand has made its mark in such a short period of time and is now the leading makeup brand. There are three Kylie Lip Kits, a Kylighter, and Metals range. As well as eyeshadow, highlighter, and eyeliner, the brand offers a range of other products. Images Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics

Jlo Beauty By Jennifer Lopez The brand has released eight new products, including face gel, sheet masks, and eye creams. It\'s all about glow. The secret to her ageless appearance is good old fashioned olive oil, which coincidentally is one of the main ingredients. Image Courtesy Jlo Beauty

Haus Laboratories By Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, was born in New York City on November 8, 1986. With her versatility in multiple areas of the entertainment industry, she is able to continuously reinvent herself. Three new products were released in 2019, including: Glam Attack, multi-use liquid eye shadow, RIP Lip Liners, and Le Riot Lip Glosses.

It is possible to use multipurpose products in many different situations. Lady Gaga uses Lip Liners and Glam Attack shadows everywhere as lipsticks and eye shadows. By creating a positive community, she hopes to inspire bravery and nurture acceptance. Vegan and cruelty-free, the Gaga line of cosmetics is available worldwide. \'Cruelty-free and vegan\' is the brand\'s caption on Instagram. Our love for animals and for you is unrivaled.